Friday, December 5, 2014

What is the sound of your own voice?

This prompt is easy - I love my voice (most of the time) even though I can't sing. I love reading aloud, telling stories and just plainly talking. I like hiring my voice, it always clams me. Sometimes, when I'm angry and frustrated I scream and even then has same soothing effect. Most people like my voice - in my whole life just two of them have complained (but on the other hand they are the ones who drove me crazy). I am a very independent and strong woman, my voice reflects that.

All that reflecting makes me thinking and of course I had to have a new stitchy start...

I'm stitching this piece on the lovely fabric from Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe with their floss of course.

So long my friends,


  1. its awesome to enjoy the sound of your voice, to be a strong woman and to love yourself.

    also read your bit about san fran....oh, my heart is most definitely there as well! :)

  2. I love the colors your using in this one Evalina.


  3. Love the stitching and I definitely love that you're so confident about your voice.

  4. You have stitched a lot on the new start! It's good to feel great about our own voice . It's an identity to connect with others.

  5. It seems to me that your needle and thread is also your voice. And it is beautiful. x

  6. Never considered the sound of my voice- until now! I guess your voice is a great part of who you are! I am definitely very vocal ! Last week I participated in a ColorSpectrums session. Where colors define who you are! It was very interesting and quite an eye-opener. If you ever have the opportunity attend a session Evalina. You would really enjoy it!
    Love your Victoria Motto Sampler! I just finished one of hers - Come Share a Cup of Tea.

  7. Beau début de broderie bonne soiree Marie-Claire

  8. mostly I like the sound of my voice...when I remember to pitch it low. when I'm screaming at the animals, to get out of the way, not so much. but, those screams are necessary for all our well being. the sampler is lovely and Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  9. Your voice is so strong, on the canvas, on the page, on the screen. It's a delight to witness.


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