Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas countdown

11 more days til Christmas! Today I received Advent exchange package from Elena and what a surprise!
First day brought me a bookmark with a pattern "A rose is a rose"

Second day: stickers

Third day: ribbons

Fourth day: body lotion (it suppose to relive stress, so I will save it for tax season)

Fifth day: pens

Sixth day: Magnets and note cards

Seventh day: Magnetic list pad

Eight day: scissors

Ninth day: needless

Tenth day: sticky notes

Eleventh day: a journal!

Twelfth day: note cards with envelopes

Thirteenth day: a magnet! Roses are my favorite.

Fourteenth day: colour pencils
and tomorrow is another day and another gift... stay tunned


  1. Fantastic exchange!! Love all the little gifts. ;)

    I can't believe there are only ten days until Xmas!

  2. Nice exchange. Which group are you doing your Advent exchange through?


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