Thursday, December 3, 2009

Exam day

So, it is today... in about 6 hours I will write final exam (Managing Information System). And I'm not ready... my brain is completely turned off. I can't look on textbooks any more, I can't even think... So what did I do? I started a new project! I felt that stitching something small and easy would make me feel better. And it did!

And of course I was taking small breaks between studying different modules and he was waiting (sleeping) patiently right by my desk:

This Saturday I'm joining Mel in 12 hr stitching marathon. I hope that I will finish Frederick this weekend and then I can start on some Christmas stitching.


  1. Good luck with your exam. What a cute new start.

  2. It helps to take breaks and what better way than to start a new stitch? Good luck with the exam and can't wait to see the progress on them both.

  3. Good luck with your exam!

    Love your new start...

    Fredrick is sooooo cute!

  4. Good luck with your exam, Evalina. Your new start looks to be a cutie.

  5. I always did stitching in college when I was tired to studying for my exams. Frederick is really starting to take shape. I bet you can't wait until he is actually framed and watching you (er, sleeping through you) studying for exams.

    I'm sure you will do just fine on the exam.

    A 12 hour stitching marathon?? Sounds like fun! I probably will have a 12 hour feeding marathon this weekend.

  6. Good luck with your exams. Your start looks so cute.


  7. Good luck on your exam....I know you will do fine.

    Love the sweet new start, Is that you praying for a good grade 8o)

    "Freddy" is really looking fantasic, good luck getting it finished this weekend.

  8. By the time I am commenting your test is over and done. I hope you did well and that as you took a deep breath and started the exam all the studying and hard work paid off. I am sure your facts just fell into place once you got under way.

    Have fun with your 12 hour stitching marathon. What fun!

  9. Evalina, good luck on your exam, although I know you'll do great.

    Your mini start is adorable.

    Have fun at the stitching marathon. I hope you are able to finish Frederick. He is sleeping so peacefully.

  10. What better way to clear your head! Very cute and even though you think your brain shut down, I'm sure you've done great on your exam.

  11. I really hope the exam went well!
    I may also be doing my 12-hour from home now, instead of at my LNS. :( As they are calling for a huge blizzard tonight.
    Guess we'll see if I can get there tomorrow.
    Looking forward to a fabulous update on Frederick after the 12 hours.

  12. Good luck with your exam.

    Frederick is looking good. I hope you can finish it this weekend.
    Love your new start too.

  13. I hope the exam went well. Your stitching is really nice. I know what you mean about being all sort of stressed and a little stitching takes the stress away. Well look forward to seeing an update on Fredric after your Saturday SAL

  14. Good luck with your exam!
    Love your new start, so pretty!
    Frederick looks fabulous as always!


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