Monday, December 21, 2009

An update

So far this winter is very nice in the Yukon. Not to much snow and not to cold. But that has changed last night. This morning, -34C - to cold for a drive! Cars really do not like cold temperatures! I decided not to go to work. I had a very reflective time this morning during solstice and later I was working on Frederick. I finished all cross stitches, now I'm working on back stitching, writing titles on book covers etc. It is actually a very joyful experience.

During the day the temperature rose to -30 C (-25 F) but I'm noticing that it is dropping again... I hope tomorrow morning will be a little warmer... I want to go to work!


  1. Frederick looks great and with all the cold days ahead, you should have a finish before too long! Brrrrrr keep warm!

  2. Congratulations on Frederick! Almost there. I can't believe your thermometer doesn't go above 50 degrees! TTTTTTTTT - that's my teeth chattering!

  3. Freddy looks great, love the owl on the shelf.

    BURRRR...that's way to cold for me. I doubt I would come out til Spring.

  4. Minus 34!!!! I will never complain about the cold again. Frederick looks great. I love the back stitching makes everything pop!

  5. That is just TOO cold, glad you got Frederick done though, he looks greats.

  6. Frederick is looking great. I'm anticipating a finish on him soon!
    It's cold here too. Not quite that cold, of course, but still that north Canadian cold.
    Do hope you stay warm!

  7. Frederick looks really good, Evalina.

    This winter has been terrible, hasn't it? And it's just starting. :( I did end up spending 80 minutes shoveling and snowblowing this morning before work. It's still snowing!

    Stay warm, my friend! Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  8. Frederick looks fantastic!

    I do not envy you those temps. Anything below 30 degrees F. is too cold. :)

    Stay warm.

  9. WooHoo!! Frederick is looking awesome. I can't wait to see him all finished. You are working quick on him lately. Good for you. That weather of yours is way to cold for me. I like snow but -25F is beyond too much for me to handle. Keep safe and warm.

  10. Can't wait to see the finish on Frederick. Stay warm.



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