Monday, March 2, 2015

Hello March!

February was short like a blink of an eye. My first Canadian winter without snow - love it! Lately even the rain stopped. Fruit trees are full of blossoms - it's so much different from living on the north. Though my dear friend Heather just email to me lovely captured Aurora Borealis

She also dared me to finish Irish Blessing (one of my super duper starts) before St. Patrick Day. Since I'm taking all challenges very seriously I started working on it right away.

that's where I'd left in January
and that's today

Yesterday I was stitching with Linda. Both of us are working on Santa's 12 Days of Christmas. I've started all twelve days during the challenge, yesterday I was working on day one:


So long my friends,


  1. How I would love to have had no snow this year - lucky you!

    Good luck at finishing your Irish Blessing Sampler before St. Patrick's Day!

  2. Thankfully, we made it through this winter with no ice or snow! Spring is around the corner and with the rain we've had it was be a lush green one. Thank God! Cute Irish Sampler.

  3. This was the first year I've had snow tires and an AWD, and wouldn't you know it, no snow. I'm not complaining, mind you! Today was so beautiful I sat outside and drank coffee and looked at all the work I need to do on my garden.

    It was fabulous!

  4. Great progress on your projects! Welcome to the Pacific NW. It is a wonderful place to live.

  5. Awesome video Evalina. Wonderful progress on both pieces.


  6. Everything is looking great Evalina! Welcome to the warm early spring we are having! Blossoms are a bloom although the weather has taken a downturn here...bit on the freezing side. Miss the aurora borealis too!

  7. That's a great video !! You have made a good progress on your stitching.

  8. A winter without snow would also be a treat for me. I would be the perfect resident for the Pacific North-West, too, lol.
    You made some considerable progress on both these projects that you started for the challenge.

  9. Belle avancé de broderie bonne journée Marie-Claire

  10. It is snowing here right now. puh.
    I like both of your stitching projects very much.

  11. Great progress on both your projects :)

  12. That video brought back some good memories. Very nice progress on both projects and good luck with your St. Patrick's Day deadline.

  13. You're doing some great speed stitching here, there nothing like a challenge to get you going!
    I stitched the Irish Blessing for my friend's God-Daughter on a sampler. They were farming families so it seemed appropriate for them.

  14. Love seeing your projects, and how fabulous you made it through a winter without snow.

  15. Making some great progress! Nicely done.

  16. Great progress on them. Your Irish blessing design is lovely!

  17. Que Deus te dê um esplendoroso dia, com raios luminosos que te possam clarear os olhos para ver o quanto és importante. Deus Pai te fez assim: mulher importante e figura do próprio amor. Ele te moldou como uma rosa: forte e justa como os espinhos, linda e suave como as pétalas.
    Um doce abraço, Marie.

  18. I think we got all of your snow. Our last ten inches just melted.

    Love cross stitch. It's simply beautiful.

    Now, I am also bringing a copy and pasted message from the A-Z reveal team to remind us all to show our revealing badge (I added mine right before I came here!)

    I’m just stopping in to say from the AtoZ Challenge. Wondered if you’re still planning on Revealing your Theme on March 23? In case you need to find the Theme Reveal Badge, here’s the link.
    Hope to see you on the 23rd!

  19. We have had such a mild winter in the north this year, I bet it is not much different than the one you had there!


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