Monday, March 30, 2015

Weekend reflections

I can't believe it, I was stitching outside! In March! Gosh, I love Vancouver Island. I love view from my window even on a cloudy day

and I love walking down the street

Just to remind you where I came from, here are couple of pics from early April last year

Quite a difference eh?

Now, let's get back to stitching. Our dear Jo is hosting Hallowe'en Ornie SAL 2015 and, of course, I decided to join. I guess my startitis isn't gone completely yet. Yesterday I started (and finished!) Fall Owl, now I have to transform that piece into ornament.

I also have made a progress on my Santas

 and Alicia, the pirate
So long my friends,


  1. Oooh your brilliant!! Ha ha I still have not stitched my owl! Your owl is adorable!!
    Your other stitching is coming along nicely.... Cannot wait to see Alicia the pirate emerge on your fabric!!
    Happy stitching
    Smiles :)

  2. Much improved view my friend!

  3. Love the blossoms and you DO have a great view!

    Cute owl and nice progress on Santas and pirate.

  4. I have also done that owl. It is a quick and fun piece.

  5. What a difference in location Evalina. I never thought that you would leave the snow. I love your fall owl. Where did you get the chart? Awesome progress on the other pieces.


  6. Your Halloween piece is looking great and you have made a good progress on stitching.

  7. A wonderful view from where you live. It's definitely a difference between the big North and where you are now. Those snowy pictures are very beautiful, too but living there is something else, lol.
    Great progress on your projects. And a cute little finish.

  8. Belle broderies bon après-midi Marie-Claire

  9. I'd definitely take your April this year over last year's, Evalina!! We have nothing flowering here yet so Ioved seeing your photos. Great stitching, too :)

  10. lovely stitching

  11. I'm jealous! Ottawa still looks like winter!

    Your Owl finish is cute and your other wips are coming along nicely!

  12. You have lots of great WIPS right now!


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