Thursday, January 7, 2016

30-day minimalism challenge - day 6: Declutter your digital life

Take care of your digital clutter today: Spring-clean your desktop, delete any files you don’t need anymore and set up a simple, no-fuss folder structure.
That's a big project for me and for sure I can't do it in one day but it's a good start. Today I'm cleaning up my desktop.

So long my friends,


  1. This is definitely for me. I really needed to read your post today.

  2. Merci du bon conseil Marie-Claire

  3. I've cleaned my desk of clutter and straightened everything out. Threw things away, and I'll be darned! A month later I have to do it again. So maybe the trick is once you clean and organize it, to just put everything away every day. Good luck to you my friend and happy new year.

  4. Great idea I try to keep mine fairly organized

  5. Super great idea...
    Big hugs x


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