Saturday, April 10, 2010

I am in shock...

My pink Saturday turned into Black Saturday. Freddy woke me up at 5 in the morning with a horrifying news, Polish plain crashed in Russia. Polish president and many officials are died in that crash. Russians suggesting that it was a human (pilot) error but how you can trust crooks and liars corrupted Russian government and medias? For sure, Putin is not one of my favorite people... Until black box is find and the truth sees the daylight I am very skeptical in my opinions. As far as I'm concern there is much more to it than just a bad weather and a bad pilot.  I'm very proud of my Polish heritage and this incident hurts so much.

The forest near the crash site has become known as the "forest of death" because of the 1940 massacre of Polish officers and other members of the country's elite captured when Russian forces invaded eastern Poland. Over 20,000 Poles were killed in Katyn.

The massacre, which the Soviet Union long (50 years!) blamed on the Nazis, has been a long-standing sore point (one of many) in Russian-Polish relations. The victims were Polish officers along with many professors, scientists, doctors lawyers, priests and intellectuals.

Just last Wednesday the Russian and Polish prime ministers, Vladimir Putin and Donald Tusk, had honored the murdered Poles in an unprecedented joint ceremony in the Katyn Forest.

President Kaczynski, a true patriot and frequent critic of both Russia and Tusk, was not invited to the ceremony but made it clear he wanted to pay his own tribute. And he paid the price. Ironically 96 passengers, Polish president and top Polish military commanders joined ashes with those murdered in 1940 by Russians on the Russian soil. 

Is the history repeats itself or really it was just a pilot fault? Hard to believe because Poland has the best pilots in the world.


  1. I saw that on my yahoo news this morning. What a terrible tragedy for your home country. My condolences to you and your country. I hope they find no foul play....for the sake of peace.

  2. I saw this today on the news. I'm so sorry to hear this. I hope that it turns out to be an error (as sad as that is) for peace.

  3. Oh Evalina, how terrible.
    I always think of you when I hear anything about Poland. Ironically I checked blogs this morning first before the news. *hugs* my friend.

    Let us hope that it truly as an accident and that further conflict can be avoided.

  4. I am also of Polish Descent. My Maiden name was Kolodzieczak. That was the Polish spelling but we spelled it...Kolojejchick!

  5. The news of this incident is deeply distubing. I still want to wish you a Happy Pink Saturday and I hope you have a better week. Take care.

  6. I am deeply saddened by the news report. It is a tragic loss.

  7. This indeed was sad news. I find it really odd that so many top officials were on the same plane.

  8. You have my sympathy, this news just broke my heart.

  9. I visited Poland when I was in high school. When I read the news I was shocked and saddened.


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