Thursday, April 1, 2010

Trip to Mayo

Last couple days I was traveling north. It was not really traveling, but a business trip... just happen that it was to a place that I never visited before. And since I was heading to a place that isn't far away from our destination  where we are planning our stitching in the midnight sun, I was all for it.

I left around noon and after driving couple hundred kilometers I made my fist stop: Braeburn Lodge. How can I miss the biggest cinnamon buns ever?! Look how big they are:

All rivers and lakes are still frozen and believe me, the pictures are not even close to the beauty and peacefulness of the North. 

and a little history on the way...

After 400 km drive I came to real temptation... to see client I should turn right, but midnight stitching will be in Dawson City... maybe I should turn left and just go and check it out??? No, it would be more fun to do new discoveries with friends. And I turned right.

In Mayo I threw myself into work, stitched just a little on the Tiger (pictures will be posted later, after I stitch some more). 


  1. Beautiful scenic pics. Thanks for sharing.

    That cinnamin roll looks so yummy!

  2. Beautiful photos! That's one massive cinnamon roll!

  3. Thank you for sharing. I watch Ice Road Truckers so get to see how beautiful Canada is with all that snow!

  4. An amazing cinnamon bun! :)

    Ohh... Dawson City! Is it July yet? I so can't wait to meet you and stuff.
    My grandparents told me on the weekend while they were in town that they loved Dawson City and it's cute gold rush feel that they stayed a few extra days on their way to Alaska (a few years back).
    Love the pics Evalina. Love them!


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